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HEIDI – Catalogue for the Libraries of Heidelberg University

In HEIDI you can search for the book (and journal) holdings of all libraries of Heidelberg University (including ours) - these results are displayed in the first HEIDI tab.

In the tab Articles and more ... you will mainly find articles/essays from online resources that have been activated for Heidelberg, see screenshot.   

By clicking Add results beyond Heidelberg libraries collection you can extend the search. The other filters are used to limit the search, e.g. only peer-reviewed journals, or only full-text-indexed books (book / eBook) or book chapter, mainly from Springer-Verlag - see screenshots.

Note: As of 12/2018 book chapters are only shown for ebooks published up to and including 2013. In case of expansion Add results beyond Heidelberg libraries collection there are also newer titles, some of which are available in print (link Title in HEIDI).

Use the "Check full text" service via the button "UB Heidelberg verfügbar" to call up full texts or order them via the document delivery service.

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