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1. Entrance area

1. Lockers in the entrance hall

To lock up your personal belongings, lockers and permanent lockers are available in the foyer of Building 42 to the right and left of the library entrance.To use them you need a 1 Euro coin as deposit.

2. Wardrobe in the entrance area

Due to the current situation backpacks and bags are allowed to be brought into the library. Normally, these may not be brought into the library. Baskets are available for carrying study materials and valuables (currently at the counter). The open compartments located in the entrance area on the right side are currently closed.

3. Pay machine & money exchange machine

On the left hand side of the entrance area you will find the pay machine where you can settle open fees (e.g. late fees, inter-library loan fees) with your library card and build up a credit balance (e.g. for printing).

For this, please come to the information desk. We will charge your print account (usually at least 5 euros), then you are welcome to pay your fees at the pay machine.

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