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2. Registration, borrowing & return

1. Information desk

In order to be able to use the library to its full extent, you need a library card. You can have the card issued by us. To do so, please first fill out the registration form on one of the PCs and then contact a member of staff at the information desk.

2. Self-checkout station

There are two self-checkout stations available for borrowing media (books, CD-ROMs, etc.). Please note that you need the number of your library card and your password to borrow media. The loan period is usually 28 days and can normally be extended (see: Lending & User Account).

3. Collection shelf

Please collect the deliveries of the document delivery service at the information desk. Reserved literature or orders from the closed stacks are available on the collection shelf (see: What do I do if the medium is borrowed?).

Please post these media to your user account.

4. Self-return machine

You can return your borrowed media independently. Please use the self-return machine in the entrance hall for this purpose.

Please note that the self-return machine is only accessible during the opening hours of the building (it is closed from midnight until 7 a.m., on saturday and sunday until 8 a.m.).

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