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Research at the Medical Faculty of Mannheim, that means forging close links between laboratory and clinical care, testing new findings rapidly in clinically relevant settings and constantly adapting the knowledge in the light of real medical needs.

Research at the Faculty of Medicine and the Mannheim University Hospital is characterized by high interdisciplinarity across departments and institutes, especially between clinical research and basic research.

Four established focus areas help to shape the academic profile of the faculty.

  • Medical Systems Technologies
  • Translational Neurosciences
  • Oncology
  • Vascular Biology and Medicine

Following the challenge posed by maladies whichg spill over the boundaries of the traditional medical disciplines, researchers and institutions from all over the faculty cooperate to profit from the highly sepcialised knowledge of their colleagues.

As the scientific work done in our four focus areas is well publicized,  it has attracted an unusually high degree of third-party funding. Numerous DFG-funded special research areas, partnerships with federally fundes research bodies and industry, graduate colleges, research groups and clinical research groups complete the rich research landscape at the Medical Faculty of Mannheim.

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