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International Master in Innovative Medicine

In 2016 the Medical Faculty Mannheim launched the first (and so far only) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) of Heidelberg University, the "International Master in Innovative Medicine" (IMIM).

Coordinated and initiated by Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and in cooperation with Universität Heidelberg and Uppsala Universitet, the programme was awarded a grant of over € 2.1 million for the first three cohorts of students by the European Union. The EU uses the EMJMD label to distinguish high-quality and innovative degree programmes that contribute to the employability of its graduates and foster public-private cooperation. The EU requires that participating universities and partners are international as well as that they provide complementary expertise to strengthen their joint educational offer. Moreover, EMJMD programmes are highly selective and students are recruited internationally.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

Workshop during the "International Master in Innovative Medicine" at the Medical Faculty Mannheim.

IMIM is two-year, English-taught master of excellence (M.Sc.), focusing on the education of tomorrow’s leading translational biomedical researchers. Graduates have the skills to apply their knowledge of disease mechanisms to the development of new innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Per year 20 students study at the interface between research and clinics attending the programme in at least two of the three participating European universities. 


IMIM is based on Groningen's MSc Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation, Uppsalas MMS Molecular Medicine and MMS Medical Research, and Heidelberg's MSc in Translational Medical Research. In addition, four Latin American Universities – Universidade de São Paulo (Brasil), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile), Universidad de Antioquia (Coulumbia) and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico) – and several life science companies participate in the implementation of the Master's degree programme.

Innovation & Industrie

An integral part of the curriculum is a course for all students in parallel to the local modules. This “Bench to Bedside and Back” learning line includes several joint annual events with workshops on presentation, communication, team-work and conflict resolution as well as entrepreneurship and innovation, culminating in a research grant or start-up company.

Due to its strong focus on innovation and industry the IMIM programme is also supported by EIT Health, an EU-funded network of healthcare companies, public and private research centres, and universities. IMIM students who do at least one industry internship will receive an EIT Health label along with their Master Certificate.

Auswahl & Bewerbung

IMIM aims to recruit the best and most motivated students from all over the world with a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences or a related field. A total of 43 selected applicants divided over three consecutive student cohorts receives a full European EMJMD scholarship.

Application for the IMIM courses starting in late August 2018 is open until January 14th 2018.

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The next IMIM-class starts in late August 2018. Applications are open until January 14th, 2018.