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Courses, advice, tutorials, exam preparation


On the following course pages (in German) you can register or make a note of fixed dates of 90 or 120 minutes. It is also possible to cancel your registration. See also course calendar.

Please note: The course language is usually German; please use our Book a Librarian offer instead.

Book a Librarian

Via the Book a Librarian page you can arrange individual consultation appointments of about 30 minutes each on various topics, e.g. on reference management and research.


FIT for medical students (in German): The online tutorial FIT for medical students offers the opportunity to learn basic skills for efficient literature and information search and information management. Furthermore, you will learn what it means to work scientifically. The online tutorial is divided into two parts. Part 1 contains basic information on how to use the library and how to do a search with a bibliography or by topic.
Part 2 (currently in progress) deals with research in different databases in detail.

On SciTec@MedMa (via Moodle login) there are mainly self-study tutorials (in German) of the library and the Department of Medical Statistics on biomedical literature and data search and on SAS, EndNote, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Please note: The department Digitale Lehre (in German) of the faculty is among other things responsible for the learning platform Moodle and supports teachers and responsible persons with regard to the conception of the offer and the design of the learning media.

Coffee Lectures

Coffee Lectures (in German) take place twice a year, in spring and autumn, on several dates. After lunch you will be given a short overview of about 15 minutes of interesting topics related to the library services.

 Please note: The coffee lectures are usually held in German; if necessary, please ask for English language offers.


Shorter inquiries of all kinds are usually answered by e-mail, telephone or directly at the information desk in the entrance area. A lot of important information can also be found on our website, in the virtual tour or in the information for ... -area they are prepared in compressed form.

Home visits

During home visits (in German) we answer your questions about library services, research, reference management, etc. on site.

Please note: On-site advice is usually provided in German. Please ask for English language consultations, see Contact.

Exam preparation

Thieme via medici (in German) are licensed as study and cross programmes for exam preparation for all semesters.

Please note: Our library has no licence for the English part of the platform.

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