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Medical Faculty Mannheim

Gerold Brüning is the coordinator for all Biochemistry lectures, seminars and practicals of the preclinical semesters at the Medical School Mannheim. Biochemistry is integrated with the other disciplines into the modular structure of the Mannheimer Reformed Curriculum in Medicine MaReCuM, representing an essential component in each of the eight modules during the first two years. Topics range from the fundamentals of cellular chemistry including the major molecule classes (carbohydrates, lipids, nucleotides und amino acids), the most common reactions (esters, anhydrides, amides, redox) and their kinetic control by enzymes, followed by the anabolic pathways cells use to build up carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, and the catabolic pathways by which these compounds are degraded for the synthesis of ATP.

More specialized topics include immunology, regulation of metabolism and organ function by hormones, biotransformation and neurochemistry. A particular module concerns genetics comprising the metabolism of nucleotides, the organization of the human genome, regulation of gene expression, DNA mutations and repair, and cancerogenesis, along with molecular biology techniques used in the diagnosis of genetic diseases. In the course of 12 practicals, students learn basic laboratory techniques, allowing them to engage in research projects and lay the basis for a career in medical research.

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