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Depending on the sample, the measurements are carried out on the TripleTOF mass spectrometer, coupled to the multi-flow capable Eksigent 400 LC with separations in the microflow range. The Orbitrap XL offers highly precise identification analyzes coupled with nanoflow HPLC for highly sensitive samples. Direct infusions for characterizing proteins are offered as direct infusions via the ESI chip® technology of the Triversa NanoMate® from Advion and also as LC-MS analysis.

Mass Spectrometry

TripleTOF 6600+ System (Sciex) for High Performance SWATH® Acquisition

TripleTOF 6600* combines the characteristically fast scanning capability of   a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer with SWATH®Acquisition as data-independent acquisition (DIA) method. All ionized peptides within a specified mass range are fragmented in a systematic and unbiased fashion using rather large precursor isolation windows.

LTQ-Orbitrap XL (ThermoFisher Scientific)

Hybrid mass spectrometer comprising a 2D linear ion trap mass spectrometer and an Orbitrap analyzer to offer sensitive and reliable detection and identification of proteins including PTM analytics. Due to its flexibility, applications as LC-MS couplings as well as direct infusions via NanoMate are possible.

Iontrap AmaZon Speed (Bruker Daltonik)

Ion trap with the possibility of high-resolution polarity switch within a cycle coupled to an analytical chromatography system for peptide mass fingerprint analysis and peptide quantification.

Chip-based Direct Infusion

TriVersa NanoMate (Advion)

The multi-application system combines the advantages of the unique ESI Chip technology as an automated nano-ESI source platform for nano-LC-MS/MS-analysis with the option of high throughput infusion experiments as Flow Injection analysis (FIA-MS).

It is used for direct infusions to characterize therapeutic antibodies coupled to mass spectrometry.

Liquid-Based Chromatographic Separation

Eksigent Ekspert NanoLC 400 (Sciex)

An ultra-flexible LC system, which offers the possibility of performing highly sensitive and qualitative proteome analyzes in both Nano- and Micro-LC through exchangeable LC modules. Combined SCIEX TripleTOF 6000+ mass spectrometers, the Eksigent provides high sensitivity, robustness and ease of use to support the latest in data-independent quantitative proteomics with SWATH® Acquisition.

Ultimate 3000 (ThermoFisher Scientific)

The Ultimate 3000 system as Nano-flow chromatography for LC-MS / MS measurements coupled to the ThermoFisher LTQ Orbitrap while the analytical Ultimate 3000 is coupled to AmazonSpeed ​​Ion trap for the peptide mapping and quantification.

Laser-Flow based Instruments

Luminex 200 Multiplex Bead Array (Merck - Millipore)

Luminex Flow Cytometry System offers different beads for multiplex analysis by linking the molecules of interest to different beads. With different Kits up to 100 different beads can theoretically perform 100 different tests within the same assay and with the same sample. The beads can be linked a bacteria, or an antibody or even a protein sequence, etc. The data is given as the number of beads with the correct signal.

Simple Western system Jess (Bio-techne)

Jess is a gel-free, blot-free, and hands-free capillary-based immunoassay platforms that integrate and automate the entire protein separation (2-440 kDa) and detection process. Proteins will be separated by size, and precisely manages antibody additions, incubations, washes and even the detection steps within 3 hours.

Biosensor (Biacore)

The high sensitive BIAcore 3000 instrument integrates surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology with a microfluidic system to monitor molecular interactions. This powerful label-free technology can detect an extremely wide range of molecular masses, allows for the detection of drug-protein, hormone-protein, protein-protein, DNA-protein, carbohydrate-protein, and lipid-protein interactions.

Fullservice: We offer the measurements on the highly sensitive mass spectrometer including coupled liquid-based separation and injection systems exclusively as a full service. We will discuss the corresponding requirements for sample processing with you in a preliminary discussion.

Assisted / Self Service: You can measure your samples yourself on our liquid laser-based instruments using our booking system. The kits required for the respective measurement are not included.