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The Core Facility is equipped with the 8-color BD FACSCanto II analyzer, the 24-color Cytek®Northern Lights™ Full Spectrum flow cytometer and the 9-color BD FACSAria IIu High Speed ​​Cell Sorter. Following an introduction, the analyzers are operated by the users, whereas the sorter is an operator-based system only.

BD FACSCanto II – Analysis

The BD FACSCanto II is an analysis flow cytometer equipped with three lasers. Simultaneously up to eight colors can be measured in a multicolor experiment.

Following an introduction, the analyzer is operated by the users.


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BD FACSAria IIu – Cell Sorter

The BD FACSAria IIu is a high-speed cell sorter that can sort up to 20,000 cells per second. The system is equipped with three lasers and can simultaneously measure up to nine colors in a multi-color experiment. The sample can be fed into the device in 5 or 15 mL tubes. Up to four populations can be sorted per sorting process or perforated plates can be fed. Aseptic sorting is possible, so that the cells can be taken back into culture after the sorting process.

The completed form Assignment CellSorting is to be brought to every sort.


Cytek®Northern Lights™ - full spectrum analysis with small particle enhanced performance

The Cytek®Northern Lights™ is a full spectrum flow cytometer. The benchtop instrument is equipped with 3 lasers and can detect at least 24 fluorescent markers simultaneously. In addition, the analyzer is equipped with a highly sensitive violet side scatter detector with enhanced small particle detection performance.

Spectral flow cytometry is the next level of flow cytometry. It overcomes the limits of conventional flow cytometry, which uses dichroic mirrors and bandpass filters to serially select specific wavelength ranges, then detected by photomultiplier tubes (PMTs).

Spectral flow cytometry, in contrast, captures the full emission spectrum and thus allows discriminating fluorochromes, which cannot be discriminated in conventional flow cytometry. Avalanche photodiodes (APDs) instead of PMTs improve quantum efficiency, signal-to-noise ratio and enhance red and near infrared detection.

Small particles are being explored across a diverse range of therapeutic and diagnostic applications, with particular attention to synthetic and drug-loaded particles. With its 405 nm laser and highly sensitive violet SSC detector, particles nearing 100 nm in size can be analyzed. Protocols for human extracellular vesicle characterization are currently established and are available upon request.

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Cytek Northern Lights Configuration


This upgrade of the FlowCore Mannheim has been granted within the FI-EMS Core Facility Strategic Extension funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Ministry of Science Baden-Württemberg within the framework of the Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Governments of Germany.