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Mannheim Center for Translational Neuroscience

The Mannheim Center for Translational Neuroscience (MCTN) at Heidelberg University provides a platform for basic research-oriented, translational and clinical neuroscientists from the Medical Faculty Mannheim to work closely with the Central Institute for Mental Health, the life science research institutions of the University Heidelberg and with the non-university research institutions in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area.

Upcoming Talks and Events 

19 January 2023, 5:15 pm

Neurowissenschaftliches Kolloquium: “Neues zu Hirnmetastasen und Meningeosis carcinomatosa” - Prof. Ghazaleh Tabatabai, Universitätsklinikum Tübingen, Neurologische Universitätsklinik

Further information will be provided here.

26 January 2023, 4 pm

Online prize lecture: “T helper cells for personalized cell therapy in glioma” - Dr. Michael Kilian, Department of Neurology, Medical Faculty Mannheim

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Simon Wiegert, new head of the Department of Neurophysiology

Prof. Simon Wiegert has been appointed by the University of Heidelberg to the W3 professorship in neurophysiology and heads the Department of Neurophysiology, since October 2022. He and his team will study the relationship between neuromodulation, neuronal plasticity and long-lasting changes in neuronal networks, with a particular focus on the plasticity of synaptic connections. read more …

John J. Bonica Prize of the IASP for Prof. Rolf-Detlef Treede

Prof. Rolf-Detlef Treede, head of the Department of Neurophysiology has been awarded the John J. Bonica Prize at the World Congress of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). The professional society awards the prize every two years to a person who has made major contribution to pain research or therapy. read more …

ZONTA Club acknowledges neuroanatomical thesis by Dr. Nora Jamann

For her outstanding dissertation in neuroanatomy, Dr. Nora Jamann was awarded the science prize of the ZONTA Club Heidelberg during a small ceremony in the Bel Etage of the Rectorate of Heidelberg University. read more …

Lucas Schirmer received Sobek Young Investigator Award

Lucas Schirmer, neuroscientist and professor of Translational Neurobiology at the Mannheim Medical Faculty, was awarded the Sobek Young Investigator Award 2022 on July 29. This prize honors scientific work considered to be groundbreaking in the research of multiple sclerosis. Lucas Schirmer received the award for his work using high-throughput single-cell sequencing methods to investigate changes in the genome of individual cells that are relevant to multiple sclerosis. read more …

Lucas Schirmer appointed to Heisenberg Professorship for Translational Neurobiology

Since July 1, 2022, a Heisenberg Professorship for "Translational Neurobiology" is part of the core area of the MCTN. Professor Lucas Schirmer, MD, has successfully obtained the professorship, initially financed by the German Research Foundation (DFG) within the framework of his Heisenberg programme. Lucas Schirmer focuses on neurological diseases caused by immune system dysfunctions. read more …



Prof. Dr. Rolf-Detlef Treede
(former MCTN Co-Director)

Prof. Dr. Martin Bohus