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Leica Confocal Microscope TCS SP8 (upright)

The TCS SP8 is an upright laser scanning microscope with a motorized XY-stage


Microscope Control Leica CTR 6500 [LMI 1000-900-01]; Table Control Leica STP 8000 [LMI 1000-900-04]; Source of light EL6000 [LMI 1000-150-01]

  • Lasers: 405, 488, 552 and 638nm 
  • Objectives: 20x/0,70IMM; 40x/1,25 Oil; 63x/1,32 Oil; 10x/0,3 Water and 25x clearing
  • Serial Number: 8100001172
  • Location: House 42, R3225

Leica Light Sheet Microscope TCS SP8 DLS (inverted Microscope DMi9 CS Bino DLS)

The TCS SP8 DLS from Leica Microsystems integrate the Light Sheet Microscopy technology into the confocal microscope.It could be used also as  a normal inverse confocal microscope. For Light Sheet the specimen needs to be placed into the focal plane of the detection objective in between the two mirrors of the cap. 


Microscope: DMi8 CS Bino DLS  [LMI 1043-160-1]

  • Lasers: 488nm, 552nm und 638nm
  • Filters: FITC LP (Excitation: BP 470/40)
  • Emission: LP 515): RHOD LP (Excitation: BP 540/45, Emission: LP 590)
  • Detection objective: HC PL FLUOTAR 5x/0,15 (free working distance: 4,95mm); HC FLUOTAR L 16x/0,6 IMM CORR
  • Illumination objectives: 1,6x/0,05 (und 10/20/40 /63 (all ceramic objectives))
  • Serial Number: 8110002056
  • Location: House 42, R3225

Leica Light Microscope DMRE (upright)

Brightfield, Fluorescence using slides; 


LMI-0702; Cameras: DFC 450C [LMI-0703-112-02] and DFC3000 [LMI 702-122-03]; Compact Lightsource EL6000 [LMI 0540-160-01]

  • Filters: 1-A (DAPI); 2-L5 (GFP); 3-N3 (TRITC), 4-Y5 (CY5); Position 5/6 are empty
  • Objectives: 2,5x/0,07 N PLAN; 5x/0,15 HC PL FLUOTAR; 10x/0,3 HC PL FLUOTAR; 20x/0,5 HC PL FLUOTAR; 40x/0,75 HCX PL FLUOTAR; 63x/1,32 HC PL APO; 100x/1,3 HC PL FLUOTAR
  • Serial Number: 229842
  • Location: House 42, R3226

Leica Light Microscope DMIRB (invers)

Brightfield, Fluorescence, Phase contrast of cell culture as well as interference contrast and polarisation plus video recording


LMI-0703; DFC 450C [LMI-0702-122-04] and Videocamera (HNO-Clinic); Compact Lightsource EL6000 [LMI-0703-160-01]

  • Filters: 1-A (DAPI), 2-I3 (FITC), 3-N2.1 (TRITC)   
  • Objectives: 5x/0,12 N PLAN;10x/0,25 N PLAN; 20x/0,4 N PLAN; 40x/0,55 N PLAN; 63x/0,7 PL FLUOTAR L; (ICT/P only with 20x and 40x)
  • Serial Number: 239370
  • Location: House 42, R3226

Leica Light Microscope DMRBE (upright)

Brightfield, Fluorescence using prepared slides


LMI-0540; DFC 450C [LMI 702-122-01]; DMRBE LMI-0525-900-05; LMI-0525-900-04; LMI-0525-122-03;LMI 0525-122-02; PC LMI-0540-200-01 Lightsource LMI-0540-160-01;

  • Filters: Y3 (Cy3), L4 (FITC), N2.1 (TRITC) A (DAPI), Y5 (Cy5) 
  • Objectives: 5x PH0; 10x PH1; 20x/0,4 CORR PH1; 63/0,7 CORR PH2; 40x/0,55 CORR PH2;
  • Serial Number: 162821
  • Location: House 42, R2220

Zeiss Light Microscope Axio Observer.Z1 (invers)

Fluorescence, Brightfield/Phase contrast, for Cell culture and prepared slides; Zen software drives the microscope and allows multi-dimensional data acquisition (multiple fluorescence channels, Z-stacks, time lapse and Tile scan). Additionally Z-stack with ApoTome to display with enhanced resolution is possible.


LMI-0996; Axiocam 506 [LMI 0996-121-01]; Power supply [LMI 0996-720-01]; ApoTome.2 [LMI 0996-720-02];

  • Filters: 49 (Dapi), 38 (GFP), 43 (DsRed), 63 HEmRFP, 50 (Cy5)   
  • Objectives: PLnApo10x/0,45 PH1; LD PLnN 20x/0,4 PH2 DIC; PLnApo 20x/0,8 PH2 DIC; PLnApo 20x/0,8 PH2 DIC; Alpha PLnApo 63x/1,46 Oil PLnApo 40x/0,95 DIC III
  • Serial Number: 3851001556
  • Location: House 42, R3226

Leica Microdissection-Light Microscope DM 7000 (invers)

Laser Microdissection is a method to isolate cells, single cells, sub-cellular moieties under direct microscopic visualization. Brightfield/Fluorescence/Phase contrast; Create fast overview; LMD is a perfect tool for DNA genotyping, RNA-SEQ, cDNA library generation, proteomics, or for cell cloning.


LAN 1769; Leica DFC 310FX; Compact Lightsource EL6000 [LAN 1769-160-01]; Laser [LAN 1769-900-02] Control box Leica CTR 6500 [LAN 1769-900-01]

  • Filters: Green, Red, Blue   
  • Objectives: 1,25/5/10/20/40/63 (Phase contrast except 1,25x and 5x)
  • Holders for 3 slides and for big slide
  • Collectors for tube caps 4x0,2 and 0,5 mL PCR tubes
  • Serial Number: 345224
  • Location: House 42, R2220

Leica Confocal Microscope (upright, TCS SP5 DS)

The TCS SP5 DS is an upright laser scanning microscope with a motorized XY-stage


LMI-0918; HXP120 [LMI-0838-900-01]; PowerSupply [LMI-0838-720-01]

  • Laser lines: Diode laser (405 nm/50 mW), Ar-laser (458 nm/5 mW; 475 nm/5 mW; 488 nm/20 mW; 514 nm/20 mW, HeNe 543 nm/1 mW; DPSS 561n  
  • Objectives: HCX PL FLUOTAR 5x/0.15 DRY; HCX PL FLUOTAR 10.0x0.30 DRY; HCX PL APO CS 20.0x0.70 IMM DRY; HCX PL APO CS 40.0x1.30 OIL UV;HCX PL APO CS 63.0x1.40 OIL UV;HCX PL APO CS 63.0x1.30 GLYC UV
  • Serial Number: 5100001567
  • Location: Tridomus, C-1-104

Leica Confocal Microscope (inverted, TCS SP5 MP (Multiphoton))

A Leica TCS SP5 MP is an inverted confocal microscope with a tunable infrared laser for multiphoton imaging, motorised stage and full incubation chamber (deep tissue pentration, maximum confocality).



  • Laser lines: Ar-Laser (568 nm/5 mW; 476 nm/5 mW; 488 nm/20 mW; 496 nm/5 mW; 514 nm/20 mW), DPSS (561 nm/20 mW), HeNe (594 nm/2,5 mW, 633 nm/10 mW)- Infrared Ti: Saphire Laser MaiTai Deep Sea (variable 690-1040 nm/2,5 W)
  • Objectives: 5x/0.15 NA air; 10x/0.30 NA air; 20x/0.7 NA air; 25x/0.95 NA water; 40x/1,3 NA oil; 40x/1,1 NA water
  • Serial Number: 5100001566
  • Location: Tridomus, C-1-103

Zeiss SteREO Discovery.V8

This microscope is an ideal instrument for viewing larger samples such as insects, plants or other biomedical stuff, and can be used with either transmitted brightfield (BF) or fluorescence excitation. The SteREO Microscope takes place under a laminar flow for sterile sample preparation.


LMI-0867; HXP200C; Zeiss-Camera or  Video camera [LMI-0867-121-01]

  • Filters: BFP, GFP, Rhodamine   
  • Objectives: Achromat S 1,0x FWD = 63 mm  Achromate S: For high contrast imaging of three dimensional structures 
  • Serial Number: 3911002188
  • Location: Tridomus, C-1-103

Zeiss Light Microscope AXIO Imager.Z1

The Zeiss AxioImager Z1 is an upright microscope capable of  Brightfield,  DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) and Fluorescent Imaging.No motorized stage.


LMI-0838LMI-0867; HXP120 [LMI-0838-900-01]; PowerSupply [LMI-0838-720-01]

  • Filters: DAPI,GFP;Rhodamine    
  • Objectives: EC PLnN 2,5x/0,075; EC PLnN 10x/0,3 DIC I; EC PLnN 20x/0,5 DIC II; EC PLnN 40x/0,75 DIC II; PLn Apo 63x/1,4 Oil DIC II; EC PLn 100x/1,3 Oil DIC II 
  • Serial Number: 3512001627
  • Location: Tridomus, C-1-104

Zeiss Light Microscope AXIO Imager.D1

The Zeiss AxioImager.D1 is an upright microscope capable of  Brightfield,  DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) and Fluorescent Imaging. No motorized stage.


LMI-0971; Camera: AxioCam MRm

  • Filters: 1-DAPI, 2-GFP; 3-CY3, 4-Rhodamine, 5- DIC Refl.light   
  • Objectives: Epiplan-NEOFLUOTAR 10x/0,3 Ph1; LCI Plan-NEOFLUOTAR  ImmKorr 20x/0,8 Ph2; EC Plan-NEOFLUOTAR 40x/1,3 Oil, DIC; Plan-APOCHROMAT 63x/1,4 Oil, DIC 
  • Serial Number: 3513000888
  • Location: Tridomus, C-1-102

Zeiss AXIO Scan.Z1



  • Serial Number: 4631001010
  • Location: Tridomus, B-1-120