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Live Cell Imaging Mannheim (LIMa)

LIMa is a core facility for providing services of microscopy imaging and bioimage analysis to users from Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University as well as other institutions. LIMa service features support for confocal laser scanning, multi-photon, live-cell imaging; light sheet techniques; bioimage computing and data analysis:

  • User Meeting for service registration, information exchange, technical consultation, etc.
  • Introduction to the LIMa microscopes and support for image acquisition
  • Development and establishment of microscopy methods in cooperation with the users
  • Introduction to popular image analysis software
  • Development of customized image analysis methods and software tools
  • Courses and workshops on image analysis techniques and practices as well as programming

Please note that, to use the microscopes, devices and image analysis services of LIMa, a service registration is required.


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Our Imaris software has been updated to version 10.0 (new features). Feel free to book the image analysis workstation to analyze your images with Imaris.



Dr. med. Wolfgang Greffrath