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The Mannheim Institute for Innate Immunoscience (MI3) of Heidelberg University serves as a cross-sectional hub for innovative immunology research with an emphasis on innate immunity. In close connection with the four research areas of the Medical Faculty Mannheim and the University Medical Center Mannheim, the MI3 explores the functions of innate immune cells and their tissue specific cross-talk with the adaptive immune system, non-immune and malignant cells and pathogens.


New regulator of gene expression discovered

New funding to investigate the dark side of chemotherapy

Insights into the childhood of an mRNA

How „paralyzed“ immune cells can be reactivated against brain tumors


Graduate Research Training Group (GRK) 2727/1


Associate Members

Michael Boettcher, Prof. Dr.

Steven Dooley, Prof. Dr.

Matthias Ebert, Prof. Dr.
- Elke Burgermeister, PD. Dr.

Sascha Gravius, Prof. Dr.

Jörg Heineke, Prof. Dr.

Stefan Klein, PD. Dr.

Bernhard Krämer, Prof. Dr.
- Benito Yard, Prof. Dr.

Holger Lindner, PD Dr.

Sonja Loges, Prof. Dr. Dr.

Jan Nicolay, Prof. Dr.

Michael Platten, Prof. Dr.

Nicole Rotter, Prof. Dr.

Lucas Schirmer, PD. Dr.

Astrid Schmieder, Prof. Dr.

Horst Schroten, Prof. Dr.

Christian Schwerk, Prof. Dr.

Jonathan Sleeman, Prof. Dr.

Marc Sütterlin, Prof. Dr.
- Kai Doberstein, Dr.
- Frederik Marmé, Prof. Dr.

Manfred Thiel, Prof. Dr.

Viktor Umansky, Prof. Dr