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Experimental Pharmacology

Cardiovascular diseases are still the most common cause of death in developed countries. We are interested in cardiovascular dysfunction including the development of heart failure, diabetic retinopathy and tumor angiogenesis. Our goal is to increase the understanding of the underlying pathophysiology and to discover new drugable targets that allow a more optimized treatment of patients.

Complex of p63RhoGEF with activated G-alpha-q and RhoA (Lutz et al., Science, 2007)

Many of the neurohumoral and paracrine changes that accompany cardiovascular diseases are mediated by heterotrimeric and monomeric G proteins (GTPases).  GTPases are nodal points of signal transduction and central to many aspects of cellular function. They are themselves subject of modulating regulators, which integrate a range of different extracellular stimuli to evoke a specific response thus shaping cell behavior and cell-cell interaction. These modulators of G protein signal transduction and their potential therapeutic relevance are therefore the main focus of our studies.



Experimental Pharmacology

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