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Basic funding for our laboratory is provided by the Medical Faculty Mannheim of Heidelberg University.

Additional project-specific funding is generously provided by:

FOR 2690

"Translationale Pruritusforschung"

SFB 1158

"From nociception to chronic pain: Structure-function porperties of neural pathways and their reorganisation"

GRK 1874

"DIAMICOM (Diabetic Microvascular Complications)”

RU 1223/3

"Spezifische Aktivierung von Nozizeptor-Untergruppen durch langsam depolarisierende elektrische Reize"


The Karl Feuerstein foundation professorship was endowed by the Daimler fund in memory of Karl Feuerstein, Chair of the Daimler Benz general works council from 1989 to 1999. The Feuerstein Chair was appointed inaugurally to Prof. Martin Schmelz on 15 November, 2002.