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The innate immune response serves as the first line of immune defense against invading pathogens and tumors. The focus of our research is to dissect activation modules of innate immune cells, in particular Natural Killer cells and Innate Lymphoid Cells and the influence of the microenvironment on their function in tissues during homeostasis and disease. Our experimental systems include sophisticated conditional mouse models, Xenograft mouse models and primary human cells. 

In the News

In her inaugural lecture Prof. Dr. Adelheid Cerwenka talked about "Fighting cancer with the body's immune system". Campus TV was there. Start the video at minute 7:20. Watch...

A research team at Harvard University has made it harder for tumor cells to hide from the immune system. In Science Prof. Adelheid Cerwenka has commented on the publication and explains on Deutschlandfunk why this is a breakthrough in cancer research. more...


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