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Vascular Biology and Tumor Angiogenesis

The Department of Vascular Biology and Tumor Angiogenesis is studying the molecular mechanisms of tumor and blood vessel interactions as they relate to angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis, and tumor metastasis. Presently, there are three groups in the laboratory: The metastasis group studies functional interactions between tumor and endothelial cells.

The group aims at deciphering the molecular mechanisms of site-specific metastasis and the role of endothelial cell surface molecules in this process. The second group studies tumor angiogenesis and tumor progression as a spatially and temporally dynamic process. Based on a number of novel tumor models, fundamental questions related to the vascularisation of tumors are addressed.

These models will also serve as pre-clinical test systems in order to define the therapeutic window of anti-angiogenic tumor therapies. The molecular mechanisms of lymphangiogenesis are the main research focus of the third group. This group aims at identifying and functionally validating novel candidate genes of the (tumor) lymphangiogenic cascade.


Vascular Biology and Tumor Angiogenesis
European Center for AngioScience (ECAS)

Medical Faculty Mannheim
Heidelberg University
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