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Publikationen 2023

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  3. Gerhards C, Thiaucourt M, Hetjens M, Haselmann V, Neumaier M, Kittel M. Heterologous Vector-mRNA Based SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Strategy Appears Superior to a Homologous Vector-Based Vaccination Scheme in German Healthcare Workers Regarding Humoral SARS-CoV-2 Response Indicating a High Boosting Effect by mRNA Vaccines. Vaccines (Basel). 2023 Mar 19;11(3):701. doi: 10.3390/vaccines11030701. PMID: 36992285; PMCID: PMC10054089.
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  11. Kim HE, Maros ME, Miethke T, Kittel M, Siegel F, Ganslandt T. Lightweight Visual Transformers Outperform Convolutional Neural Networks for Gram-Stained Image Classification: An Empirical Study. Biomedicines. 2023 Apr 30;11(5):1333. doi: 10.3390/biomedicines11051333. PMID: 37239004; PMCID: PMC10215960.
  12. Kittel M*, Moorthy P*; Rao S, Halfmann M, Thiaucourt M, Strauß M, Haselmann V, Santhanam N, Siegel F**, Neumaier M**
    Triptychon: Usability evaluation and implementation of a web-based application for patients’ lab and vital parameters. DIGITAL HEALTH. 2023;9.
    PMID: 37936956
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    doi: 10.2196/51090
  16. Moorthy P*, Weinert L*, Harms BC, Anders C, Siegel F**
    German Version of the mHealth App Usability Questionnaire in a Cohort of Patients With Cancer: Translation and Validation Study
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