New concepts in cancer metastasis Organising committee: Gerhard Christofori, Riccardo Fodde, Raghu Kalluri, David Lyden, Pat Steeg, Jonathan Sleeman

New concepts in cancer metastasis

The conference aims to cover a number of recently emerging concepts in metastasis research, including the role of cancer stem cells, EMT, the metastatic niche and regulation of metastasis through the microenvironment, as well as mechanisms of tumor cell dissemination and organ-specific metastasis.

As well as enjoying an exciting and cutting-edge scientific programme, we hope that participants will get a taste of the delights of Lisbon in early summer courtesy of the conference social activities.

In addition to corporate support, the conference will be funded in the main by a generous grant from the European Union. This funding is part of a European metastasis research initiative called TuMIC, of which Jonathan Sleeman is the coordinator. The TuMIC programme aims to investigate many of the topics covered by the conference.

The conference is being held together with the Metastasis Research Society and members of this society will be able to attend the conference at reduced registration rates.

Fundaçao Champalimaud1
The conference venue is the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown.
This building houses the Champalimaud Cancer Centre, a comprehensive facility dedicated to research, prevention and treatment of metastatic disease that was inaugurated in October 2010.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Lisbon between June 25th and 28th 2011 for "New concepts in cancer metastasis".

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New concepts in cancer metastasis