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1. Animal facility

  • In vivo platform to investigate physiological and disease-related mechanisms
  • Realization of animal husbandry of mice, rats, zebrafish, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, which corresponds to the modern knowledge of laboratory animal science
  • Support in the planning and implementation of animal experiments
  • Training of specific procedures or examination methods on animals
  • Veterinary care / consulting
  • Lending of accessories of animal experiments and surgical procedures on laboratory animals

2. Laboratories of histology, chemical analysis and precision engineering

  • Laboratory for the analysis of plasma / urine samples of small rodents and histo-pathology
  • Laboratory  for the production of precision mechanical devices for experiments

3. Animal Welfare Officer's Office

  • Support of approval procedures for the application of animal experiments
  • Consulting regarding different animal models
  • Communication with authorities
  • Offers of advanced training in laboratory animal science


LAVAN by Omikron Systems GmbH ( is a modern web-based application that can be accessed from any end device. You need the appropriate web browser (Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge, Opera). All important data of our animal husbandry are available at a central location.

LAVAN has different user surfaces, which are optimized for different usage requirements (desktop vs. touch). Thus the work is easy to handle and is therefore documented in real time.

LAVAN visualizes at any time where the animals are currently located. LAVAN helps to fulfill the legal requirements, which for example result from the areas of genetic engineering law and animal protection law for our facility (including the EU directive 2010/63/EU). Working with LAVAN is intuitive and easy to learn. In addition to the productive system ( there is also a test system (, which is mainly used for training and practice purposes.

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