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About us

The Mannheim Institute for Innate Immunoscience (MI3) was established on December 1st, 2019, as a cross-sectional institute of the Medical Faculty Mannheim of Heidelberg University. Our mission is to provide a hub for research, training and education in the field of immunology, with an emphasis on innate immunity, and promote scientific excellence as well as national and international visibility in this area.


As a cross-sectional institute, the MI3 strengthens and coordinates collaborative efforts between the four research areas of the Medical Faulty Mannheim: Oncology, Vascular Biology and Medicine, Translational Neuroscience and Medical Technology. Close collaboration partners are the European Center for Angioscience (ECAS), the DKFZ-Hector-Cancer Institute, the Mannheim Comprehensive Cancer Center (MCC) and immunology-oriented institutions on the Heidelberg Life Science Campus including the Institute of Immunology at the Medical Faculty Heidelberg, the Center for Integrative Infectious Disease Research at Heidelberg University Hospital (CIID) and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ).

By covering basic, translational and therapy-oriented research, scientists of the MI3 join forces to explore the functions and regulatory principles of different innate immune cell types, define their control by activating signals and inhibitory checkpoints, and decipher their cross-talk with the adaptive immune system, non-immune cells and pathogens. Our ultimate goal is to develop interdisciplinary concepts to decipher the  molecular and functional  cues governing the innate immune system in health and disease, and to exploit innate immunity towards improving immunotherapies of inflammatory and malignant diseases.


Currently, the MI3 comprises five professorships as core members and 18 associated members. The governing body (Leitungsgremium) consists of the five core members and two associated members elected by the general assembly (Vollversammlung). During the founding period, the MI3 is managed by the acting director Prof. Dr. A. Cerwenka and the co-directors Prof. Dr. M. Neumaier and Prof. Dr. G. Stoecklin. Director and co-directors are elected every three years by the governing body. We invite interested research group leaders to apply for associated membership at the MI3.


Verwaltungs -und Benutzungsordnung (VBO) MI3