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Elke Burgermeister | Matthias Ebert

Treatment failure prevents effective therapy of gastrointestinal cancers. Deciphering the molecular mechanisms of non-response to therapeutic agents, shall enable early detection, prevention or breaking of resistance. We follow a translational concept, where functional biology studies from cell and animal models (“organoids”) are integrated with patients’ data under the following objectives:

  1. Understanding signaling and communication pathways of oncogenic driver mutations and metabolic transcription factors at the interface of tumors with the tissue microenvironment (innate immune cells: myeloid, NK).
  2. Identification of biomarkers and targetable structures of vulnerability which provide a mechanistic basis for improvement of patient’s responses and clinical outcomes. Immune and genetic subtype classification of gastric and colon carcinomas is expected to facilitate patient’s stratification for personalized (“Precision”) medicine.


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