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Prof. Dr. Jan Nicolay

Cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) are rare lymphoproliferative malignancies. They challenge both diagnostics and therapy due to the morphologic and biologic similarity between benign, healthy T cells and malignant CTCL cells. Therefore, our group investigates molecular and signaling aberrations in CTCL cells to better understand malignant T cell biology. In our research, we focus on both improving CTCL diagnostics by establishing novel specific disease markers and enlarging the therapeutic specturm by developing new targeted therapies. In this context, we not only focus on CTCL management but also on restoring lymphocyte immune function in patients with hematologic tumors.

Our main goal is to quickly transfer our scientific findings into a clinical setting in order to directly help patients with our translational research. Therefore, we use primary cell cultures as well as fresh patient samples and xenograft mouse models.


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Prof. Dr. Jan Nicolay

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