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Prof. Dr. Jonathan Sleeman

The central aim of the Sleeman lab is to understand the process of metastasis and to use this knowledge to develop novel anti-cancer therapies. Working mainly on breast cancer and melanoma, our research currently includes studies on genetic changes and signaling pathways that promote metastasis, tumor-induced lymphangiogenesis, and dissemination via the lymphatics. Another major focus is to understand the microenvironmental regulation of metastatic spread and dormancy, including how changes in the extracellular matrix composition (in particular hyaluronan) and the induction of senescence promote metastasis. In the context of MI3, we are investigating how pro-inflammatory signaling molecules act as regulators of dissemination and metastatic outgrowth. Here, key interests focus on the role of pulmonary macrophages and neutrophils in shaping lung metastatic niches.


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