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Data Analysis and Modeling in Medicine

The research group focuses on the field of inverse problems. Prof. Hesser is member of the Faculty of Medicine Mannheim, co-opted member of the Faculty for Physics and Astronomy. He is adjunct member of the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) (and member of the board of directors, GFD). He is also adjunct member of the Central Institute for Computer Engineering (ZITI) and speaker of the CZS Heidelberg Center for Model-Based AI.

Inverse problems belong to the most challenging and difficult mathematical problems for many application fields. To mention a few, image reconstruction, segmentation, classification etc. play a vital role for clinical decision systems (CDS) or therapy support systems (TSS) but also for preclinical research. Many of these problems are characterized by simplified forward models. Deep learning changed the field substantially by learning the model or the prior distribution via measured or simulated. Of special interterest is model-based deep learning, where existing knowledge is incorporated into the deep neural networks. Also issues like uncertainty and causal inference are of high importance. 

We are focusing on basic mathematical tools, their properties and how they can be applied for selected applications in computational medicine.


Mannheim Institute for Intelligent Systems in Medicine (MIISM)

Data Analysis and Modeling in Medicine

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