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Tedias: Test- und Entwicklungszentrum für Digitale Anamnesesysteme

As in many other areas, digitalization is playing an increasingly important role in hospitals. The TEDIAS project has set itself the goal of digitizing the anamnesis process, as the first step toward the hospital of the future.

Several areas lie within the scope of this project. There will be a user interaction with the patients. Physiological data should be measured by contactless sensors and the data will be fed to a platform in consideration of data protection.

Switching between testing and patient mode allows to use TEDIAS for technical testing of sensors, system development or research projects as well as the clinical application of anamnesis.

The structure of TEDIAS envisages that further clinical modules can be added up to a complete Digital Hospital in follow-up projects.

For our group, the use of AI is in the focus. AI systems should support physicians in their daily work by providing assistance in the initial assessment of patients in the emergency room or by providing a prognosis on the course of elective patients. The emphasis is on optimizing processes and improving patient safety.

TEDIAS: Test- und Entwicklungszentrum für Digitale Anamnesesysteme – Entwicklung eines Digitalen Krankenhausmoduls als Switch-Reallabor - Forum Gesundheitsstandort BW (