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Identification of tissue specific changes within the nociceptive system in diabetic peripheral neuropathy – characterizing pain in zebra fish

Supervisor (Mannheim): Rolf-Detlef Treede
Co-Supervisor (Groningen): Jan-Luuc Hillebrands
Graduate: Jonathan Husk

Project description

In this project we will investigate three major questions characterizing the single zebrafish orthologous of TRPV1/2, a putative evolutionary precursor of the mammalian TRPV1 and TRPV2 and its role in diabetic neuropathy: (i) which are adequate stimuli to activate the TRPV1 channel analogon from zebra fish when heterologously expressed, (ii) how may those stimuli be used in zebra fish behavioral experiments using wild-type and fishes lacking this receptor (both in larvae and adults), and (iii) how are those behavior tests affected in zebra fish models for diabetes type I?


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 * Own publications

Methods used

Establishing expression systems (HEK293), fluorescent calcium imaging, immunohistochemistry, behavioral experiments in zebrafish and PDX(-/-) KOs (T1DM)

Collaboration Partners

  • Guido Krenning, Groningen
  • Jacob van den Born, Groningen
  • Jens Kroll, Mannheim
  • Hans-Peter Hammes, Mannheim
  • Benito Yard, Mannheim
  • Peter Nawroth, Heidelberg