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Teaching & Events

Seminars 2015

Thursday, 5-6pm
University Hospital Campus Mannheim, ZMF (Building 42), H 07

Prof. Dr. R. Malik, Manchester and New York
The Eye a window to the Soul

05.02.2015 16.30-17.00 h
Dr. K. Kynast, Heidelberg
SFB 1118 biobanking at a glance – regulations, options & status quo

Prof. Dr. I. Fleming, Frankfurt
Novel lipid mediators in the regulation of vascular homeostasis

05.03.2015 16.30-18.00 h
E. Romfeld, Mannheim
Introduction to Biomedical Ethics I

12.03.2015 16.30-18.00 h
Prof. Dr. A. Bauer, Mannheim
Introduction to Biomedical Ethics II

Prof. Dr. T. Langmann, Köln
Microglia in the Retina: Just Bystander or Target for Therapy

Prof. Dr. A. Fabarius, Mannheim
Inter- and Intra-Species Cross Contamination, Misidentification and Selection in Cell Cultures

Prof. Dr. R. Schlingemann, Amsterdam
Diabetic retinopathy – experimental and clinical innovations beyond VEGF

Prof. Dr. M. Schiffer, Hannover
Can we heal the actin cytoskeletton? Novel ways to interfere with proteinuria
Vascular Biology, Seminar room, 4. Floor Tridomus House C

Events 2015

25.03.-27.03. 2015
Spring School

11.05.-13.05. 2015
Joint Meeting (GRK 1302, GRK 1874/1)
Schloss Maurach, Bodensee

Autumn School
Heidelberg (IWH)

16.10.-17.10. 2016
2. Heidelberg International Symposium on Diabetic Complications (HIDC)

Workshops/Courses 2015

Scientific Writing
ZMF, S 02, S 06, S 07
Prof. Dr. H.P. Hammes

Presentation Skills
UMM, Mueller-Raum
Dr. M. Noke-Hammes

Presentation Skills
UMM, Mueller-Raum
Dr. M. Noke-Hammes

Method Workshops 2015

30.03.2015 - 01.04.2015
Investigation of the function of isolated vessel preparations
CBTM, Ludolf-Krehl-Str. 13-17, Tridomus-Building 117, 2-4
Prof. Dr. R. Schubert, n.n.

Combined Confocal and Two-Photon Laser Scanning Microscopy
Core Facility LIMA, CBTM Tridomus House C, Floor 4, AG Treede
Dr. J. Bucher

19.05.2015 -20.05.2015
Identification of cell phenotypes in tissue sections by immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy
Tridomus, Room C517 (experiments in B111)
Prof. Dr. J. Kzhyshkowska, Dr. V. Ryabov

Introduction into laser confocal microscopy
ZMF (House 42), Floor 3, Room 3225
Dr. B. Kränzlin

24.11.2015 - 25.11.2015
Detection of reactive oxygen species and resulting protein modifications in cultured cells and tissues
Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology, INF 326, Heidelberg
T. Wiedenmann, PD Dr. A. Wagner