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Targeting Angiopoietin-2 in diabetic complications

Supervisor (Mannheim): Yuxi Feng
Co-Supervisor (Groningen): Martina Schmidt
Graduate: Rachana Eshwaran

Project description

Hyperglycemia causes impairment of neuronal and vascular function in the retina and glomerular damage in the kidney, mediated by several biochemical pathways including the hexosamine pathway. The hexosamine pathway is heavily dependent on several metabolites from multiple metabolisms such as glucose, amino acid, fatty acid and nucleotide metabolism. This pathway is of vital importance in the regulation of angiopoietin-2 that is involved in the diabetic retinopathy and nephropathy. In this project, we aim to target angiopoietin-2 in diabetic complications, exploring the effect of a dietary supplement and its underlying mechanisms on the initiation of retinal vasoregression and glomerular damage in diabetes.


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* Own publications

Methods used

Cell culture, transfection, western blotting, qPCR, immunofluorescence, retinal morphometry, electroretinography, immunoprecipitation, FACS, mass spectrometry

Collaboration Partners

  • Martina Schmidt, Groningen
  • Jens Kroll, Mannheim
  • Hans-Peter Hammes, Mannheim