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A look back – Imaging in Neuroscience Symposium

At our Imaging in Neuroscience Symposium on December 7th at the University Hospital Mannheim, scientists presented their latest research and discussed new developments in the field of live imaging and the study of brain physiology and pathophysiology at different spatial and temporal scales. The content was set by fantastic keynote lectures from Emilie Macé, University Medicine Göttingen, on "Imaging whole-brain activity with functional ultrasound imaging to understand behavior", Valerio Zerbi, Brain Network Physiology Laboratory at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne on "Leveraging multimodal fMRI to study the complex interplay of genes, mental states and brain activity" and Matthia Karreman, German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg on "Dynamic, high resolution in vivo imaging of brain tumors and their unique microenvironment". Unfortunately, Martin Fuhrmann was unable to present, so Simon Wiegert, organizer and co-director of the MCTN, kicked off the meeting with a talk entitled "From synapses to neuronal networks - all-optical investigation of hippocampal function and plasticity".

In addition, junior scientists and group leaders gave short talks on their own research. A poster exhibition provided additional opportunities for scientific exchange, discussion of results and the initiation of new collaborations.

We look back on a very interesting and inspiring day with insightful presentations, interesting questions and important discussions with more than 90 participants (students, postdocs, senior scientists, collaborators and industry representatives) on site.

We would like to thank all our speakers, poster presenters and attendees for making this event possible.