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The research interests of Prof. Kiefer focus on the development of novel treatments for addictive behaviours through an application of targeted psycho- and pharmacotherapies based on neuroimaging, genetics and neuroendocrinology in interaction with psychosocial and environmental factors.


DFG    SFB/TRR265:
Losing and regaining control over drug intake: from trajectories to mechanisms to interventions, Local Spokesperson, TP’s A03 Stress-related predictor profiles for craving and relapse in human addiction; C04 Modification of cue-reactivity by neurofeedback in human addiction, 2019-2023;

Addiction: Early recognition and intervention across the lifespan. Local Spokesperson, TP 1, Development of neurobehavioral signatures and mechanism-based interventions for SUD in adolescents, TP6 Mechanisms of addiction: social exclusion, risk and resilience prediction, and adapted interventions, TP 7, Epigenetics and alcohol use disorders 2015-2020

EU      Horizon 2020 Sybil-AA:
Realtime fMRI neurofeedback in the treatment of alcohol use disorder


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