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Prof. Dr. Karen Bieback


Our focus is the regenerative medicine including the development of new cell-based therapies (advanced therapy medicinal products, ATMP). Within this field, we are mainly interested in mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) and endothelial precursor cells (EPC).

Cell therapy is a fascinating and highly interdisciplinary field, which integrates various research areas, such as cell biology, immunology, bio-analytics, imaging technologies, medical technology, process development and automation.

Since immunomodulatory mechanisms (see figure) are key for MSC therapeutic efficacy, we aim to better understand these.

Proposed therapeutic mechanism of action of MSC.
From Fiori et al. Immunobiology 2018


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Within the EU-funded Innovative Training Network RenalToolBox Medical Faculty Mannheim is associated with 4 out the 15 projects, 2 ESRs supervised by Prof. K. Bieback, 2 by Prof. Dr N. Gretz. mehr...


Within the International resreach training group 1874/2 we are working on SP6 adressing the impact of adipose-derived stromal cells on diabetic retinopathy.