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Mannheim Institute for intelligent Systems in Medicine

A special feature of MIiSM are mechanisms for fast translation of the results into clinical practice. These are based on the extraordinarily proven and close bi-directional cooperation with the clinical departments of the university medicine in the processing of common scientific questions: In this way, new technologies and findings find their way into clinical trials more quickly. Conversely, the scientific solutions identified in the course of the cooperation provide new topics for the further development of technical-scientific approaches. Taking into account the social relevance, the consequences of research with regard to the extension or replacement of human decision-making functions are a building block that will be inherently anchored in MIiSM. In particular, MIiSM's close integration into daily clinical practice and medical research is a unique selling point.


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Wissenschaftliche Publikation aus der Computerunterstützten Klinischen Medizin vom Journal Magnetic Resonance in Medicine als besondere Empfehlung ausgewählt.

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Wirtschaftsministerium fördert das Projekt DeepRAY

Mithilfe der KI lebensbedrohliche Erkrankungen der Bauchschlagader sicher erkennen und schneller behandeln

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Prof. Dr. Jan Stallkamp