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M. Božic-Iven, Y. Zhang, Q. Tao, S. Rapacchi, L. Schad and S. Weingärtner.
Myocardium signal suppression with T2-preparations for reduced physiological noise in myocardial ASL.
Proc Soc. Card. Magn. Reson. , , 2024 

M. Berendsen, M. Božic-Iven, J. Tourais, C. Coletti, I. Hermann and S. Weingärtner.
Phase-based T2 mapping using dual phase-cycled balanced SSFP imaging.
Proc. Int. Soc. Magn. Reson. Med. , , 2023 31

M. Božic-Iven, S. Rapacchi, Q. Tao, L. Schad and S. Weingärtner.
Respiratory navigated free-breathing myocardial arterial spin labelling (ASL) with phase sensitive reconstruction.
Proc. Int. Soc. Magn. Reson. Med , , 2023 31 .

M. Bozic-Iven, S. Rapacchi, I. Pierce, G. Thornton, Q. Tao, L. Schad, T. Treibel and S. Weingaertner.
Towards reproducible Arterial Spin Labelling in the myocardium: Impact of blood T1 time and imaging readout parameters.
Proc. Int Soc. Magn Reson Med , London, UK , 2022 31, p.913 .

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