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Prof. Dr. sc. hum. Sebastian Weingärtner

Sebastian Weingärtner is Assistant Professor of Imaging Physics at Delft University of Technology. His Lab, the Magnetic Resonance Systems (Mars) Lab, works on the development of MRI methods to unlock quantitative imaging biomarkers for detailed assessment of pathological tissue changes in-vivo. In 2014 Sebastian completed his Ph.D. thesis under the joint supervision of Prof. Reza Nezafat at the Harvard Medical School and Prof. Lothar R. Schad at the University of Heidelberg working on quantitative T1 mapping of the heart. As a post-doctoral researcher he worked at the University of Minnesota, Heidelberg University and Stanford University before moving to TU Delft.

Sebastian is still closely associated to the CKM, being involved in joint supervision of students and a number of collaborative projects.