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Personalized Medicine and Organoid Pharmaceutical Test Models:
Advanced Materials, Analytics, and Computing

Collaborative Research Training Group (Kooperatives Promotionskolleg)

PERPHARMANCE will link experts from Heidelberg University and University of Applied Sciences Mannheim with companies to develop next generations of drug testing models and analytical concepts for personalized medicine. Physicians, biotechnologists, engineers, material and data scientists develop together seminal stem cell-based in vitro disease and drug testing models and promote our understanding of cell and material interaction via experimental and mathematical modeling (work package 1). To facilitate personalized therapy decisions (work package 2), we will apply cutting-edge analysis technologies (cross-section technology CT1), paired with high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and novel tools in digital health (CT2). The translation, innovation and application driven nature of PERPHARMANCE marks an interface between experimental, clinical and applied science. Interlocked work packages and a consequent and interdisciplinary tandem supervision concept added to the structured qualification program are the basis for an interdisciplinary teaching and learning of a novel generation of versatile and transfer-oriented young scientists.



Funded by FKZ: BW6_07