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Work package 1 - 3D disease models: stem cells – organoids – materials – molecules

Project RR01 – Rüdiger Rudolf:

Interplay between differentiation and metabolism in neuromuscular organoids

Project KB01 – Karen Bieback:

3D human adipose tissue model containing immune cells for disease modeling

Project RR02 – Rüdiger Rudolf:

Mechanisms of Bone Metastasis – Molecules, Models and Technologies

Project CS01 – Christine Selhuber-Unkel:

Materials and surfaces for directed stem cell differentiation

Project VS01 – Vytaute Starkuviene-Erfle:

Targeted modification of 3D cell cultures

Work package 2 - Innovative concepts for Personalized Medicine

Project NR01 – Nicole Rotter:

High throughput analysis of organotypic cocultures for personalised therapy of head and neck tumors

Project MP01 – Michael Platten:

MHC class II-dependent T cell control of brain tumors in the meningeal niche

Project ML01 – Michael Lanzer:

Automated and personalized tropical medical diagnostics

Cross-section technology 1 - High-content analytics in Personalized Medicine

Project MR01 – Matthias Rädle:

Multispectral technologies for high throughput analysis of organotypical cultures

Project CH01 – Carsten Hopf:

Deep profiling of complex tissues via MS- and Infrared-Imaging

Project PW01 – Phillipp Wiedemann:

Automated Device for the Detection of intra- and extra-cellular Parasites

Cross-section technology 2 - Applied Computing Science for Organoids and Personalised Medicine

Project AM01 – Anna Marciniak-Czochra:

Mathematical Modelling of stem cell differentiation

Project OW01 – Oliver Wasenmüller:

AI-based Models for multi-omic data analysis and automated evaluation

Project KA01 – Karin Arregui:

Digital Health