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Precision Angioscience

New individualized angiotargeting strategies

We focus on new angiotargeting therapies for heart attack, stroke, diabetes and metabolic syndrome including the vascular control of hemostasis and inflammation and angio-targeting in cancer and metastasis. Especially for a individualized precision medicine for cardiovascular and oncological diseases, it is essential to identify individual genetic patterns, behavioral trends and environmental influences in the context of population and cohort studies and to consider them in evidence-based prophylaxis and therapy, always based on the core focus of ECAS, the control of the disease processes by blood vessels and their changes.

For this purpose, we work closely with members of the Clinical Adjunct Faculty, such as epidemiologists, geneticists, medical informatics, public health scientists, pharmacologists and clinicians, most of whom are located in the Heinrich Lanz Center for Digital Health, in close proximity to the new ECAS Buildings.

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European Center for Angioscience

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