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Translational Angioscience

Vascular Control of Disease Processes and Regeneration

We are interested how endothelial cells contribute to the emergence and progress of major common diseases, especially heart/circulatory diseases and metabolic diseases (eg atherosclerosis, heart failure, diabetes), inflammatory and fibrotic diseases (eg multiple sclerosis, liver cirrhosis) as well as tumor diseases, directly in the tissue itself and systemically by remote action on other organs ("local and systemic control").

Global analysis of the endothelial transcriptome, the proteome and the metabolome ("Angiomics") will be used to identify new endothelial regulators that could serve as therapeutic targets in the future. The function of these new regulators will be tested in preclinical disease models.

Research Groups

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Hammes

Diabetic Microangiopathy


European Center for Angioscience

Medical Faculty Mannheim
Heidelberg University
Ludolf-Krehl-Straße 13-17
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