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Lucas Schirmer received Sobek Young Investigator Award

2nd August 2022 

Research on molecular changes of single cell types in neuroinflammation

Lucas Schirmer, neuroscientist and professor of Translational Neurobiology at the Mannheim Medical Faculty, was awarded the Sobek Young Investigator Award 2022 on July 29. With this prize, the Sobek Foundation, together with AMSEL e.V. and the DMSG-Bundesverband, honors scientific work considered to be groundbreaking in the research of multiple sclerosis. Lucas Schirmer received the award for his work using high-throughput single-cell sequencing methods to investigate changes in the genome of individual cells that are relevant to multiple sclerosis.

Sobek Young Scientist Awards for 2022

The prize, endowed with 15,000 euros, is awarded once a year by the Roman, Marga and Mareille Sobek Foundation - together with a main research prize endowed with 100,000 euros. This year, however, the Sobek Young Investigator Award was given twice: to Professor Dr. Lucas Schirmer and to Professor Dr. Anne-Katrin Pröbstel, Head of Neurology at the University Hospital Basel and Head of Research Group at the Departments of Biomedicine and Clinical Research and the Research Center for Clinical Neuroimmunology and Neuroscience at the University of Basel, as well as holder of an SNF Eccellenza Professorship from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).

Roman, Marga and Mareille Sobek Foundation

The Sobek Research Prize of the foundation from Renningen, Baden-Württemberg, has been awarded annually since 2000 for pioneering achievements by scientists at universities and non-university research institutions in the field of multiple sclerosis and related basic research. Decision criteria are the quality and excellence of the research performance.

Press release at the Medical Faculty Mannheim (German language)
Lucas Schirmer mit Sobek-Nachwuchspreis ausgezeichnet

Press release at AMSEL e.V. (German language)
29.07.2022 Renommierte Preise für Multiple-Sklerose-Forschung verliehen