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Access & Fees


In order to get access for usage of the confocal microscopes:

  1. User meeting
    Please arrange an appointment with us by phone or
  2. Application for authorization
    The users are obliged to know Live Cell Imaging Mannheim (LIMa) user policy, comply with it and follow the instructions of the responsible persons. With their signature they confirm knowledge of these guidelines at the time of their training session.
  3. Training session
    Prerequisite for the user permission is a successfully completed training session. Permission shall be granted individually by Live Cell Imaging Mannheim (LIMa) management after completion of training

User registration and activation of the medma-account are prerequisites for working as an authorized user at Live Cell Imaging Mannheim (LIMa) instruments; only authorized users have access to rooms and instruments.


The Core Facilty Live Cell Imaging Mannheim (LIMa) charges users a training fee and a usage fee. The amount of the costs results from belonging to a tariff group as well as a training fee which has to be paid once at the beginning of your project.

  • Rate 1

    For the employees, doctoral students, diploma students etc. from the applicant working groups at the CBTM

    7.50 €/h

  • Rate 2

    For members of the Medical Faculty Mannheim, the University of Heidelberg and other scientific institutions

    20 €/h

  • Rate 3

    For commercial ssers

    100 €/h

Overnight Rate

For long-term experiments with a duration of more than 6 hours, a reduction of the user charge to 50% can be requested during the period from 19:00 to 7:00.


  • Training with one user: 50 € for the entire duration of the training
  • Training with n≥2 users: € 30 per user for the entire duration of the training