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Prof. Dr. Juli Kzhyshkowska

innate Immunity and Tolerance

Macrophages are most abundant, highly diverse and plastic cells of the innate immune systems present in almost all tissues and organs. Macrophage are responsible for the immunological control of healthy tissues development and turn over, initiation of acute inflammatory defense reactions, resolution of inflammation and healing. Pathological programming of macrophages leads to cancer progression, cardio-metabolic disorders and rejection of implanted materials. 

The aims of our research include 1) identification of transcriptional and epigenetic mechanism of macrophage programming in sterile inflammation; 2) identification of new macrophage biomarkers indicative for detrimental reaction to implant materials and chemotherapy; 3) to identify new targets for macrophage therapeutic programming. In cancer and implant intolerance we analyse biomarker and therapeutic value of chitinase-like proteins that modulate infiltration of immune cells and angiogenesis. In diabetes we specifically focus on the transcriptional and epigenetic mechanism induced in macrophages by hyperglycemia.


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