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School of Translational Medicine of the Medical Faculty Mannheim (STMM)

The School of Translational Medicine of the Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University (STMM) supports the training and further education of young scientists at the Medical Faculty Mannheim. The central task of the STMM is thus to structure and continuously develop the scientific and higher-level continuing education measures for students (e.g. Master's programs) and graduates (e.g. doctoral candidates, postdoctoral fellows, clinician scientists, advanced clinician scientists, medical scientists and data scientists), as well as participants in other scientific continuing education programs initiated by the Mannheim Medical Faculty. In cooperation with the existing programs and graduate colleges as well as with the research institutions, STMM aims to ensure that the broadest possible range of qualifications is available, and that these are adapted to the professional needs of those being served. The STMM works closely with the institutes, clinics, research facilities, graduate colleges, as well as the administration and central facilities of the Mannheim Medical Faculty and Heidelberg University, in particular their central facilities for the promotion of young scientists. The webpages of the STMM can be accessed here.