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Anglo-French-German Workshops (Summer Schools) on Skin Cancer Biology

During the 3-year course of a PhD student’s life in the RTG, the RTG will organize a yearly "Anglo-French-German Workshop on Skin Cancer Biology" in which the London project partners will actively participate. In the first year, following recruitment of the students, the RTG will hold an "Anglo-French-German Workshop on Skin Cancer Biology" in Mannheim to introduce the students to each other, to the Faculty of the RTG and to the London Faculty. It will include an introductory course “How to design a scientific project”.

The annual 4-day Anglo-French-German Workshops on Skin Cancer Biology will alternately be held in Mannheim/Heidelberg and London and include plenary lectures from selected London project partners, foreign guest lecturers, and short project presentations by the students, and Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings. The Anglo-French-German Workshop on Skin Cancer Biology organized by the London partners in London will focus on the specific competence and scientific excellence of the London partners and their institutions. All London project partners will attend these Workshops in London to allow for intense scientific and project-related interactions and discussions in the unique scientific environment of the London Faculty accompanied by international TAC meetings.

In the third year and as an additional important active task, the students of the RTG will organize the Anglo-French-German Workshop on Skin Cancer Biology as an international 3-day scientific conference "Hallmarks of Skin Cancer" in Mannheim/Heidelberg which will also serve as a final status/farewell seminar. In this respect, they will be actively guided by the PIs/Steering Committee; the London project partners will also play an active role in this international scientific dermato-oncology conference.

Summer School 2018

The 7th Anglo-French-German Workshop on Skin Cancer Biology was held in the Mannheim Castle form June 25-27, 2018. The three-day-event provided our PhD and MD students the opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing projects with experts in the field.