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Lecture Series

Lecture Series "Hallmarks of Skin Cancer"

The lecture series in the summer semester of 2019 features talks by Pierre Guermonprez, Else Marit Inderberg, Philipp-Sebastian Koch, Sebastian Wohlfeil, Jessica Hassel, Moritz Felcht and Matthia Karreman.

Program (pdf)

Lecture Series "Progress in Cancer Research"

This lecture series in the summer semester of 2019 features lectures by Duncan Odom, Wolfgang Wick, Ivo Buchhalter, Tim Waterboer, Aubry Miller, Annarita Patrizi, Karen Steindorf, Michaela Frye; Benedikt Brors, Alwin Krämer, Fabricio Loayza-Puch, Guoliang Cui and Klaus Maier-Hein.

Program (pdf)

Lectures & Seminars in RTG 2099

Several seminar series will be held to expose the students to all aspects of dermato-oncology. To start with, there will be a series of lectures on the principles of general and molecular oncology within the framework of HIGS (“Progress in Cancer Research Lectures”). Within a three-year term, this seminar series will introduce all departments of the DKFZ in Heidelberg and their research topics. Covering the different aspects of clinical and experimental dermato-oncology, the members of the RTG will give a structured seminar series over the course of the three-year program, starting with general aspects and problems of dermato-oncology in the first year.

The lectures during the second and third year of the RTG series will be selected to preferentially deal with current topics in dermato-oncology and skin cancer. The seminar series will increasingly include the review of timely research papers pertinent to the projects of the RTG that will be performed by the students of the RTG, or may also represent current hot research topics (research lectures). The seminars of the 2nd and 3rd year will include presentations by international guest lecturers. In order to learn the conduct and the procedures of international collaboration in science, the students will be given the opportunity to invite, guide, and introduce the international speakers. When the seminar is given by a guest lecturer, the students will be given the possibility for discussion after the meeting (“meet the professor”, 0,05 ECP/h).