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RTG 2099 strives to attract and train the next generation of leaders in dermato-oncology. The educational program includes basic teaching offers in general molecular and cellular biology, and in cancer biology and general oncology, and special offers in skin cancer biology and dermato-oncology. The program is jointly offered by the graduate schools of the life sciences of Heidelberg University (HBIGS) and of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ/HIGS); special training in skin cancer biology and dermato-oncology is provided by the RTG 2099.

MD Fellowships

Starting April 1st, 2015, we continuously offer 6 MD fellowships (1-2 years; €956/m). For the MD fellowships, please send your application directly to the Principal Investigators of each project announced on the RTG homepage (Research/Projects).

To be eligible for an MD fellowship, you must not have passed the final medical examination in the course of the medical studies at your home university/ medical college and you must be willing to devote one year full-time to laboratory work. For acceptance, you will have to pass the written GRE of HBIGS, but you will not have to undergo the full HBIGS selection process. For an MD fellowship, you are invited to apply any time without an application deadline.

Application Sheet MD Fellowship


Lecture Series

Lecture Series