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New computational support for biological image analysis by Qi Gao

On May 1st, 2022 Mr. Qi Gao started his new job as a data scientist within the Core Facility Platform Mannheim. He is associated with the Live Cell Imaging Mannheim (LIMa) Core Facility and the Bioinformatics Core Facility to provide computational support for biological image analysis.

Mr. Qi Gao studied Computer Science with the focus on computer vision and machine learning at Saarland University and at TU Darmstadt. From Feb 2016 to Apr 2022 he worked as an image analysis scientist within the Math-Clinic Core Facility and the Biomedical Computer Vision Group at Heidelberg University.

Die Core Facility Plattform Mannheim stellt sich vor


Die Core Facility Plattform Mannheim der Medizinischen Fakultät Mannheim der Universität Heidelberg (CFPM) stellt sich mit einem neu erschienenen Flyer vor…  

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New Technology Platform operational at the Proteomics Core Facility (PCF)

With the TripleTOF 6600+ mass spectrometer, the Proteomics Core Facility received a new technology platform from AB Sciex as new equipment. The PCF started the development of new workflows with the AB TripleTOF 6600+ mass spectrometer to expand services. The TripleTOF 6600+ combines fast and high sensitive scanning with the Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) approach (SWATH®) for quantitation of (almost) every detectable compound in a sample. We are interested in establishing quantitative workflows in order to enlarge the field of clinical proteomics studies. The combination of split free micro flow HPLC with SWATH® acquisition for accelerating quantitative proteomics studies is becoming more widespread, due to the improved robustness and throughput. With the µl-pick-up principle of the new HPLC system, technical replicas from smallest sample volumes are made possible.