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How to use the NGS core facility

Get in Contact

For NGS projects contact head of sequencing (Verena Haselmann), for single cell projects contact head of single cell genomics (Tina Fuchs) to discuss your project and get a personal project number.

Make a Date

Once you received your project number, you can contact our technician (Angelika Duda). This step is necessary to arrange specificities and date for sample preparation and sequencing.

Run Experiment

We offer different options for library preparation:

A) YOU prepare the library, quality check and sequencing is done by Core.

B) WE do everything (quality check of isolated DNA/RNA, library, sequencing, evaluation) -> accordingly, experimental set-ups need to be planned more in advance

C) SINGLE CELL: processing/ sorting of your cell suspension can be performed by the user or by NGS core facility staff. Everything else is performed by NGS core facility.

Receive Results

After initial quality control of your data by the NGS core facility, you can either take your results for your own data analysis or get in contact with our bioinformatician.

Discuss Project

Discuss your results with the heads of the core facility to further improve collaboration and further experiments.