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A publication from the Department of Computer Assisted Clinical Medicine at the Mannheim Institute for Intelligent Systems in Medicine (MIISM), entitled Multidimensional compressed sensing to advance 23Na multi-quantum coherences MRI, has been selected as Editor's Pick for March by the journal Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

This is what the paper is about:

Sodium plays a crucial role in cell physiology and is essential for cellular function. Therefore, sodium magnetic resonance imaging (sodium MRI) offers the opportunity to gather in vivo information about cell vitality. Additional insights into tissue could be provided by sodium multi-quantum coherences MRI, which, however, requires a long acquisition time, leading to significantly reduced spatial resolution.

In its research work, the team led by Christian Licht, MSc developed a specialized reconstruction algorithm (5D CS) that outperforms conventional reconstructions (3D CS) and is capable of reducing the acquisition time for whole brain sodium MRI from 60 minutes (R=1) to clinically acceptable 20 minutes (R=3) or alternatively increasing the spatial resolution by 2.5-fold without exceeding the initial acquisition time nor compromising image quality.

Multidimensional compressed sensing to advance 23Na multi-quantum coherences MRI
C. Licht, S. Reichert, M. Guye, L. Schad and S. Rapacchi.
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Volume91, Issue3, March 2024, Pages 926-941
DOI: 10.1002/mrm.29902