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Textbook collection
Map of the Library

The textbook collection (picture 1) covers titles on pre-clinical and clinical medicine and related areas. The Library stocks between 3 - 30 copies of each textbook and displays them by subject. The blue classmarks (picture 2) are made up of the first letters of the subject area and a number (e.g. Chir 14). This system helps you to locate books on the shelves once you have found them in the online catalogue.

Textbooks can only be borrowed by students of the Medical Faculty of Mannheim.

Multiple copies are available of the books in the textbook collection. Previous editions of the titles are also kept on hand. However, if all of the copies of a title are on loan, you can reserve the book in the online catalogue by clicking on the "reservation/order" tab.

QR-codes on the shelf (picture 3) lead to the e-book version of the textbook, if scanned with a smartphone.

One copy of each textbook is available in the reference section for use at the Library. The Reference section (picture 4) is located in the rear area of the Library on the left-hand side as well as on the right-hand side in front of the passageway to the extension building. These books cannot be borrowed.


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